Vitascene 1.0

The very first press comments regarding the Pre-VersionVideofilmen...

The very first press comments regarding the Pre-VersionVideofilmen 2/2007 ;. Effects with turbo. ;, ;Easy use, no learning curve, fast use, very high quality.

;Video Aktiv Digital 1/2007 ;. first-class and very elegant Effects. ;, ;. easy to use. ;And just a couple of comprehensive incoming user-commentsSleiman:Ladies Gentlemen,This is the best software I have ever used till now.

Giorgio:VItascene has a set of transitions really wonderful. I have never seen effects like those, believe me. One more thank to your programmers!

They have understood the need of professional and modern usersJohn:GREAT STUFF! ! ! The additions are absolutely wonderful for impactful ads and music videos.

You've wet my appetite for the final version. I again congratulate you on excellent plugins for Adobe and look forward to your producing more great time saving plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro for professional users.

Gene:This is a great product. Most of all very easy to use. Leon v. L. :It`s wonderfull, perfect. Many great effects for low cost. You did a great job.